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Graduate Students

Svetlana Dachkovsky. My research interests include facial expressions that function as intonation in sign language and ways of distinguishing linguistic and affective facial expressions. My masters thesis focuses on the role of facial expression in marking neutral and counterfactual conditionals in Israeli Sign Language (ISL), and identifies general pragmatic meanings of the individual facial components characterizing these

two types of conditionals, as well as other linguistic constructions in ISL. In addition, I am interested in grammaticalization paths of linguistic facial expressions in the visual-spatial language modality. 
Email:   dachkov@yahoo.com

Etty Moiseyev.  I am interested in language and communication in the education of deaf children, especially in the bilingual approach. My research includes work on deaf childrens competence in Israeli sign language and Hebrew.  My doctoral project aims to determine whether developing childrens metalinguistic knowledge of specific grammatical structures typically found in sign

languages may aid in the instruction of written language.
Email:   etty_moi@yahoo.com

Tzipora Rakedzon. I am interested in how the modality of a language affects brain organization. In addition, I am interested in the differences between deaf and hearing readers both in terms of reading strategies, e.g. phonological versus orthographical encoding, and in terms of hemispheric specialization.  My masters thesis experimentally tests meaning access, phonological encoding, and hemispheric
specialization in deaf readers. Email:   maor_7@netvision.net.il

Ofra Rosenstein.  After investigating topic-comment constructions in Israeli Sign Language in my MA thesis, I intend to study the phrasal structures of verbs and their relation to information structure (topic-comment). My main interest is the interplay between spatial grammar, pragmatics, and syntax in ISL sentence structure. Email:   ofra_ron@zahav.net.il